Because, aviously…

Android and iOS both offer you “Silent” options, which are great for when you sleep. This eliminates others from waking you with their texts and group messages.

iOS allows you to “Silence” everything using the side button (if it isn’t assigned to screen lock), and this will keep your phone from ringing on phone calls and texts, but if you are using the Clock App that comes with iOS your alarms will still ring, making sure you wake up in the morning.

Android is a different story, as everyone has different versions of it, but I’ll stick here to the current version of Lollipop. The phone has three options for it’s ringer: All, Priority, None.
ALL – Has the options of ring or vibrate for all calls that come through. ALARMS WORK.
PRIORITY – Only Priority Contacts will ring or vibrate. Priority contacts are designated with a star in your address book. All other notifications are muted. ALARMS STILL WORK.
NONE – No noise shall emit from your phone. Not calls. Not texts. Not notifications. NO ALARMS.

Regardless what device you are using these days, there is no excuse to be woken up by your phone when you are trying to sleep. If your phone doesn’t have a silence feature, simply turn it off, and use an old fashioned battery alarm clock 🙂

Alarm Clock

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