Because, aviously…

You think 24 Hours of Le Mans is tough? What about 25 hours of fasting? How about we kick it up a notch and go 32 hours!

Yesterday was a Jewish Fast Day, one of the bigger ones, spanning 25 hours, from sundown Saturday night through sundown Sunday night, with no water or food allowed.

But with my work schedule, I felt it wouldn’t make sense to stay up all the way through…if I had, I’d have eaten after 9PM last night, and then need to shower and go to sleep, all to be back up again at 3AM…it just didn’t seem feasible or practical.

So instead I went to sleep in the 7PM hour, and woke up a little earlier this morning to shower/shave/eat…except I wasn’t really hungry, so I finally got some water in me, and ate breakfast when I got to work at 4AM.

So forget about 25 hours of fasting, or 24 Hours of Le Mans for an endurance test…just try out the 32 hour fast, and on a side note, it’ll be your new favorite diet technique!

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