Because, aviously…

It can’t hurt to be prepared.

In the Winter we tend to (hopefully) be more cautious, with keeping gas in the car, and everything powered appropriately.

But at times we tend to get lax with some things, but honestly we need to keep things up to date and ready for use at all times.

Here are a few good examples of things that should be kept on top of, all year long:

  • Gas In The Car — As I said earlier, it is always important to keep the car filled, I’d say even more than 40% at all times, because you never know when you’ll need to drive around all day and not have a chance to stop for gas.
  • Chargers & Battery Packs — Charging your phone every night, whether it needs it or not, should be a no brainer by now, as it can’t hurt modern phones (with appropriate chargers) to make sure it is at 100%.
    Now, while it isn’t practical to carry lots of chargers and wires with you, in case your phone runs out, it isn’t difficult to carry a battery pack (or micro charger) with you, that can give your phone a little extra juice when needed.
    One that I recommend, which is roughly the size of a phone, and just as thin/light, yet can hold up to 2.5 charges (depending on your phone) is the Motorola P4000 Power Pack.
  • Time In Your Phone — Most people have unlimited talk/text these days, but there is still a large amount of users on Tracfone/Net 10/Etc. who pay as they go. But keeping a nice supply of time in there, isn’t usually a priority. They tend to only use a small amount of minutes a month, so don’t think about having a supply.
    But it can’t hurt to have a backup plan, on how to quickly get minutes, without too much of a hassle, so that you don’t get stranded without a phone in an emergency.

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