Because, aviously…

The Yankees and the Mets rule New York baseball. But as the season progresses one of these teams tends to fade while the other waits a little longer to flop.

Yankees Mets Logos

But a weird thing has happened this year…it’s August 5th and both of them are in first place of their divisions.
2006 was the last time that both of these teams were in first place in August.
That’s a lot of years ago for franchises that spend boatloads of money.

Yet they are taking different approaches to this year and the race for a World Series Championship.

The Yankees have lots of hitters, but needed starting pitching (due in part to a bunch of injuries). But the trade deadline came and went and no move was made…instead they are calling up a rookie to fill their pitching needs.
Luis Severino starts tonight, after pitching in AAA this year and having a 1.91ERA and 7-0 record in recent starts.

On the flip side are the Mets, who are stacked with young starting pitchers (22, 26, 27, 28) and the old resurgent Bartolo Colon (42), but lacking any hitting. For example there was a day in July when the batting average of their starting lineup was in the low .200s while their cleanup hitter was batting in the 170s.
So out they went at the deadline and landed a big bat in Yoenis Cespedes, who will likely just be a short-term rental.
Due to MLB rules, if they don’t resign him to a long term deal before August 31, they wouldn’t be eligible to sign him this off-season, and while many fans (as well as Yoenis himself) would love to see him stay with the Mets, it is highly unlikely that the team will have money for him, as they finish off paying retribution for the Bernie Madoff  scam through 2017.

Will we see a repeat of the 2000 World Series?

Bernie back, a way back, Bernie there, heeeee makes the catch. Ball game over. World Series over. The Yankees Win. Thhhheeeeeee Yankees Win!

2000 World Series Mets Yankees

One thought on “A Tale Of One City…And Two Teams

  1. Toni-ann says:

    I would love to see a repeat of 2000… but I have to say.. put them side by side right now and the result might be reversed 😀

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