Because, aviously…

Today is the day that Motorola starts to make a lot more sales…at least for the next four weeks (if not, hopefully, longer).

The reason is quite simple. Verizon, the largest carrier in America, has stopped offering free phones. And if it isn’t free, are people going to lay out big $$ ?

For starters the cheaper model, the new Moto G, sells for $180-$220 and features a water-resistant phone, 13MP camera, and is customizable using Moto Maker.

As for the more expensive model, the Moto X, which comes out with a new version next month, the pricing is cheap compared to its competitors:

  • Moto G (2015) – $180 – 13MP – 5.0″ screen/S2B 67.0% – YES SD Slot – 2470mAh Battery
  • Moto X (2014) – $300 – 13MP camera – 5.2″ screen/S2B 73.1% – No SD Slot – 2300mAh Battery
  • Moto X Pure (2015) – $400 – 21MP camera5.7″ screen/Unknown – YES SD Slot 3000mAh Battery
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – $672 – 16MP camera – 5.1″ screen/S2B 71.7% – No SD Slot – 2600mAh Battery
  • Apple iPhone 6 – $650 – 8MP camera – 4.7″ screen/S2B 65.8% – No SD Slot – 1810mAh Battery
  • LG G4 – $552 – 16MP camera – 5.5″screen/S2B 72.5% – YES SD Slot – 3000mAh Battery

S2B = Screen to Body Ratio

Why people would buy the iPhone under these circumstances I will never understand…

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