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Comparing Phones – 2017 Edition

Two summers ago I talked about the predicted rise of Motorola, and I did a comparison of the top phones of the time.

Well, I figured it was time to take a peek under the hood again and see how today’s phones stack up.
To note, I myself have switched over to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but I still recommend the Motorola’s, especially the Moto-G line, to anyone looking for less expensive smartphones.

S2B – Screen-To-Body ratio (Percentage of front of the phone that the screen takes up…more = better)
MP – Megapixel
PPI – Pixels Per Inch (Higher Number means sharper screen quality)

  • Moto Z2 – $500 (Estimate, phone due in July) – 12MP camera – 5.5″ screen/S2B 70.1% – 401 PPI – SD Slot – 3000mAh battery
  • Moto G5+ – $229 – 12MP camera – 5.2″ screen/S2B 67.1% – 424 PPI – SD Slot – 3000mAh battery
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – $624 – 12MP camera – 5.8″ screen/S2B 83.6% 570 PPI – SD Slot – 3000mAh battery
  • Apple iPhone 7 – $649 – 12MP camera – 4.7″/S2B 65.6% – 326 PPI – NO SD Slot – 1960mAh battery
  • LG G6 – $699 –  13MP camera – 5.7″/S2B 78.6% – 564 PPI – SD slot – 3300mAh battery

I’m going to stick with my conclusion from last time…why would anyone get an iPhone? Among the most expensive options, and lowest on the totem pole in every stat among other leaders… 

Apple Keeps Behind The Times

It’s time once again for the whole world to freak out over the newest reveals from Apple with their iPhone 7…while us Android users take a look at it and shrug off another year of Apple playing catch up.

What’s that? You are an Apple user and want to argue with me? Okay, how about I just look at a few of the new things unveiled yesterday, and compare it to Android devices…some of which have been around for a while already.

The new iPhone offers a 12 Megapixel camera, which is highly respectable and takes some very good pictures. But it’s not really a step into the market, that features phones of 16 or 21 Megapixels.

Size, Weight and Screen Quality
4.7″ screen will satisfy a lot of people that don’t want humongous, like the 5.5″ of the new Moto Z…but the screen quality is just sub-par compared to other phones. The iPhone has 326ppi (points per inch) while the Moto Z  offers 535ppi….and despite being a larger screen the Z is thinning (by 2mm and lighter by .1 oz).

Headphone Jack
I don’t like the lack of a headphone jack, and that’s becoming a problem on a lot of recent phones. I spoke recently about having to look for new Bluetooth headphone, but those no Buds are going to get lost easily…and it’s only a short amount of time before people realize they have another item that they need to keep charged.

Water Resistant
Old news. The Samsung S7 (and it’s famous exploding battery) can be submerged to put out that fire, and even the lower-end Moto G (mentioned in my unlocked phone breakdown) offers the water resistance.

Expandable Storage
Some companies are flopping back and forth on whether expandable storage is necessary, but Apple has been strong and steady…on the wrong side of the fight, and still refuses to add an SD slot.

Moto Z, base model of 32GB = $624
Apple iPhone 7, base model of 32GB = $649
Samsung Galaxy S7, base model of 32GB = $669

Paying To Advertise

Some people pay companies for the ability to advertise for them.

Does that sound backwards? Well that’s because it is.

But so many people leave the signatures on their iPhones and Galaxys that put at the end of an email “Sent from my…”.
You paid $600+ for a phone, and allow them to put ads into every email you send?

On the flip side you have the new Amazon Prime phones, using the Moto G among others, and the phone will give you Ads on your lockscreen.
But in exchange you get the phone at a discount.
In essence, they are paying you to allow ads on your phone.

As it should be.

The Predicted Rise of @Motorola

Today is the day that Motorola starts to make a lot more sales…at least for the next four weeks (if not, hopefully, longer).

The reason is quite simple. Verizon, the largest carrier in America, has stopped offering free phones. And if it isn’t free, are people going to lay out big $$ ?

For starters the cheaper model, the new Moto G, sells for $180-$220 and features a water-resistant phone, 13MP camera, and is customizable using Moto Maker.

As for the more expensive model, the Moto X, which comes out with a new version next month, the pricing is cheap compared to its competitors:

  • Moto G (2015) – $180 – 13MP – 5.0″ screen/S2B 67.0% – YES SD Slot – 2470mAh Battery
  • Moto X (2014) – $300 – 13MP camera – 5.2″ screen/S2B 73.1% – No SD Slot – 2300mAh Battery
  • Moto X Pure (2015) – $400 – 21MP camera5.7″ screen/Unknown – YES SD Slot 3000mAh Battery
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – $672 – 16MP camera – 5.1″ screen/S2B 71.7% – No SD Slot – 2600mAh Battery
  • Apple iPhone 6 – $650 – 8MP camera – 4.7″ screen/S2B 65.8% – No SD Slot – 1810mAh Battery
  • LG G4 – $552 – 16MP camera – 5.5″screen/S2B 72.5% – YES SD Slot – 3000mAh Battery

S2B = Screen to Body Ratio

Why people would buy the iPhone under these circumstances I will never understand…