Because, aviously…

Thanks again to EA Access for allowing me to review it as the game comes out today, and Madden NFL 16 is a decent game, better than last years, rating it as an 8 out of 10.


Continuing on last years spectacular presentation, the game continues to have great graphics, from the players through the stats packages.


A step up from last year, as EA rolled out all new options on both sides of the ball. Great new options on how to catch the ball (Possession vs. Aggressive, etc.) really helps you on offense break out that really big play, and on defense lets you step in and pick the ball off…or make the wrong choice and give up the huge pass.

Also the off-the-snap defensive options have been tinkered with, and if you don’t time yourself just right can get called for the “Neutral Zone Infraction” for making the Offense jump a bit.


The new Draft Champions mode is very cool, allowing you to draft players from all over, to add to a randomized team, making it like an ultimate fantasy draft, and play up against the CPU or other users…
While the idea is great (and I love being able to use Legends (Hi John Elway!)) the game mode is all of 3 games and then you are finished Round 1!
Make it a little longer and more challenging?

The other cool mode is Tutorials, which literally teach beginners everything from who each position is, and what their role on the field is — to how to use each player to their potential — and how to put it all together to have the best game possible.
This makes it very easy for someone completely new to the sport to hop right in and play!
And if I remember correctly, I think they are adding that to NHL 16 this year as well.



Sure, I may sound like I am getting picky…but why did Madden GET RID OF THE COIN TOSS?!?! It seems so minuscule, but personally, I like to start off on defense when I play, and they’ve taken that option out of my hands. Whilst I am uncertain if my team won or lost the coin toss in each game I played, I was always the receiving team off the top, which is an option that should be simple enough for me to make myself.


While I likely will buy this game at some point (as I always do with Madden), I am holding on for now to my purchasing options as I wait to buy NHL 16 and maybe even FIFA 16, both due out in September.


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