Because, aviously…

I’ve had my Moto X (2014) since late October of 2014, and it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever had.

In recent weeks the battery has started to die quicker — meaning when I’d hit 11% it would just suddenly drop to 1% and then die.
Taking their suggestion I performed a factory reset, and the battery seemed to be fixed.

That is until the next day when the Bluetooth would randomly start falling out. I’d be connected to my 360, my car, my Automatic, etc. and suddenly the phone would start pinging “____ requests to connect to Bluetooth”.
And no matter how often I reconnected them, they’d keep dropping off.

Motorola to the rescue though. They sent me a brand new phone (EXACTLY like my current one, with proper bamboo backplate and my name emblazoned on it) at no charge to me, and I sent them back my phone.

Talk about going above and beyond and keeping my life simple!


PS. Thanks to Android backups, the new phone was out of the box and fully operational (to how my old phone had been…apps and all) within an hour.

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