Because, aviously…

NHL 16 finally has it all.

EA has finally brought Be A Pro to the real level, with proper acceleration in game, and your player growing how you use him.
Shoot more, and appropriately, and your puck skills go up.
Lay players out all over the ice, and your physicality will go through the roof.

Meanwhile game load speeds have exceeded any other sports game I’ve played. Hit “Start Game” and within moments you are heading out to the ice, where EA has upped its game as well.

NHL arenas now feature mascots and, more importantly the Goal Songs which as Rangers fan is a solid bonus.

The game also plays very smoothly, and the on-ice training should make most people into better hockey players.

As for the Visuals, it’ll be hard for EA to top this next year (although I’m sure they will) as the game is almost as realistic as it gets.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

NHL 16

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