Because, aviously…

Motorola announced recently that when their phones upgrade to Android Marshmallow they will be getting rid of some of their unique features, as it now overlaps Google products.

This includes Assist, Migrate, and Connect.

Assist is being replaced by “Do Not Disturb”, Migrate is being replaced with enhanced support for backups, and Connect is going away because…people are going to other messengers?

Motorola Connect gave users the option to access their phone calls and texts online using extensions in Chrome.
The reason they are getting rid of it is because Motorola says more and more people are leaving the stock messaging apps, and going to Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger.

But are people really going to all digital messaging systems, fully data driven, instead of text based messaging, which is available via a phone number and even the weakest signal?

Are you ready to give up having a phone number in exchange for everything being done online?

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