Because, aviously…

I think I am becoming immune to watching death and killings.

Not immune to personal instances of it, and still emotionally affected by those, but I no longer feel anything when I see the life leave a body.

It all changed for me with the Charlie Hebdo killings. When I watched the video and saw the killer stand over a policeman and just execute him on the sidewalk, I saw the life leave the body…and the emotion left me.

I feel a hate towards the party that deserves it (sometimes the shooter, sometimes the one being shot) but I no longer cringe at watching it.

It has become part of my daily social media experience. Watching terrorists in Israel stabbing people and the police shooting them, and the life leaving their bodies, I feel nothing.

I have become emotionally detached from watching the life and soul leave a body. This doesn’t mean I enjoy gore…as a matter of fact, I don’t like horror movies because I see them as pointless. I get no enjoyment out of it, and fail to see why I would spend my time watching it.

But when I see the life leave, whether I like the person or hate them, think they deserve it or should really live, I just don’t feel it anymore.

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