Because, aviously…

There are two definites with the play that occurred Saturday night. Chase Utley was definitely not out at second, and he also made a very dangerous play.

The slide into second had the intent to break up the double play, except Utley was nowhere near second base at the time, making the play very dangerous.

On the flip side he was safe at second because: He wasn’t out.
If a player steps to the plate, and the pitcher refuses to throw, the umpire will rule an automatic ball. If the pitcher chooses not to throw for two hours, then a few runs will score after multitudes of walks.
In order to be “Out” you need to be out.
And Chase Utley was not tagged out, as well as Reuben Tejada not being anywhere near second base, so the “neighborhood rule” wasn’t in play.

One can argue that Chase left the field, so he should be out. But he only left after the umpire told him to, calling him out (initially). Similar to any other reviewed play overturned.

One can say that Utley should be called Out on “Interference”, which obviously wasn’t called.

Utley was safe. The play was dangerous. And a minimum of a one-game suspension will happen…the only question is will the suspension happen in the playoffs (when it matters) or for the opening games of next year (when nobody will care)…if he doesn’t retire of course.

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