Because, aviously…

Facebook in their ever growing attempts to tell us what we like, continues to push on our Newsfeeds the “Most Popular” posts, as determined by their algorithms and deep crawling spiders.
Yet while doing this they continue to bury new/fresh posts that people are putting out there.

On the flip side, Twitter is doing it right.
When I log in to the Mobile App on my phone, I experience Twitter how it is meant to be: A flowing timeline of what is being posted, in chronological order, most recent right at the top.

And when I haven’t logged in in more than a few hours, they throw a “Things You May Have Missed” at me, with four or five short tweets (as all Tweets currently, thankfully, are) of more popular posts, based on insights on the Tweets.

Speaking of insights, you are able to easily see activity on any Tweet you’ve put out there. From info such as “Impressions” (times people saw the tweet) and “Engagements” (interactions with the Tweet), which include profile clicks.

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