Because, aviously…

Supermans’ cousin is flying onto your screens on Monday, and it’s going to be out of this world.

The story of Kara Danvers, aka Kara Zor-El, begins similarly to Clark Kent’s Kal-El, on a spaceship sent from their home planet of Krypton shortly before it exploded, but with him out and about, she’s never had to use her powers.

That all changes when her adoptive sisters plane starts to go down and she swoops in to save the day, slowly revealing herself to coworkers and friends while working at the (shockingly) local paper.

I embraced who I am and I don’t want to stop.

Melissa Benoist plays Kara, and does an outstanding job in a coming-of-age style show, with Supergirl rediscovering her powers, her way, and the dangers in the world of a superhero.

Melissa Benoist Supergirl

In a time where TV is overloaded with super hero shows (Flash, Arrow, etc.) including lots of really amazing ones (Gotham, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) this show will do really well at standing out.


3 thoughts on “Supergirl Preview

  1. FrumGeek says:

    Bah! That guy was NOT Jimmy. He was WAY too coo and confident. Plus this is ANOTHER comic book show where they’re setting up the best friend to become a supervillain. (Winslow Schott becomes Toyman and Hank Henshaw becomes Cyborg Superman, a villain responsible for murdering 7+ million people.)

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      The difference between my review and yours… One of them had zero spoilers.

  2. FrumGeek says:

    Well truth be told both spoilers may not come to pass. I mean, Jimmy doesn’t resemble his comic book counterpart, so there’s a chance that these characters also won’t.

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