Because, aviously…

As driverless cars start to take over the streets in the next few years, are we going to approach the end of traffic accidents?

If every car is making calculated moves, and communicating to the cars around them (such as for lane changes and the likes), there is no reason two cars should ever touch each other.

It’ll come down to human error if they take over the wheel, and of course bugs in the system to be worked out, but even if accidents were to happen, having the cars be computerized will let the police know right away which car was at fault, and it’ll also clear up congestion, as rubber necking wouldn’t happen (cars themselves won’t stop to look) and merging would be more seamless as the cars would alternate on their own.

I know many people are scared of a robotic future, but I await it with open arms, let Skynet and USR do their thing, as the future holds some awesome stuff.

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