Because, aviously…

When traveling on the road it’s often hard to choose where to sleep for the night.

Whether you don’t know where you’ll be, or you don’t know if you’ll need to/want to stop at all it’s difficult to plan ahead.

On my recent trip I tried to use Hotel Tonight, and found that while in big cities, such as New York City or Chicago, they find you lots of great deals, as you get out into the middle of nowhere, the offers on there are less and less, while the pricing deals there are fewer and fewer.

So I turned to Priceline, or more precisely Priceline Express, to help book my stay, for a few minutes later.

The things to look out for on Priceline Express:

  • How many Star Hotel is it? Priceline Express won’t tell you where you are staying until after you book. But that’s okay, because they do tell you “This hotel is similar to, and may include ____, ____, ____” so you know what sort of hotel/motel/inn it will be.
    They also tell you the amenities it will include, so you can look for what you need.
  • User Ratings – These I feel are even more important than how many stars the hotel has, because this will tell you how previous users experiences were.
    It’s rated on a scale of 1-10, and you should stay away from anything lower than a 7, and preferably aim for something greater than an 8.

Good luck, and safe travels!

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