Because, aviously…

CNN ran an article recently on how to travel if you are young and broke. And while it was written by a fellow millennial, I think that this is a bad list, and unreasonable for most young people, especially if they don’t have tons of money (which is who it’s geared for).

Here are some examples:

  • “Sign up for a credit card with travel rewards” — When I was “younger and poorer” I didn’t have a credit card at all. Not because I didn’t want one, but because I had no credit since I was young and not having “tons of money”.
  • “Some credit cards, like the new Citi Prestige” — Dear young poorer people, don’t go out and get credit cards that have $450 annual fees. There are tens of Credit Cards with pretty good benefits, that won’t cost you a penny.
  • “Be flexible……travel on weekdays” — Most of these younger poorer people are in college or working their butts off so they can have “tons of money”. In both of those cases they can’t just take weekdays off to travel. Sure you may save money doing it, but it’s unfeasible.

My advice for traveling when you are “young and broke”? Get a few friends, take a car (either one of your own, or from Hertz with the discounts) and go on a road trip. Split the costs, use Priceline for last second hotel deals wherever the road takes you and hit up the free museums and sites that can be found wherever you go!

And if you need help planning a trip that’s a little cheaper, ask people who have been there which places are worth visiting and which aren’t worth the money…or find a friend who loves planning trips to map things out for you! (Hint: My inbox is open.)

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