Because, aviously…

Recently New York City added some pedestrian islands to Coney Island Avenue, between Avenue O and Roder Avenue.

The intent of these islands are to reduce hit and runs, and pedestrians hit, by giving them a place to stop if they are crossing at the crosswalk and run into a flashing red light, so they don’t have to scurry across.

To give these islands some flavor, the city put in dirt pits, possibly with the intent of planting trees in them.
But instead these pits have sat empty, and are now facing an overabundance of weeds and growths, with them approaching a few vegetation levels already, and spilling out onto the lanes on both sides.

Besides for this ugliness, the NYC drivers have decided that the signs that indicate “Island here, go around”

shouldn’t be there. They have taken out their displeasure by mashing their cars thru the signs, and they now lie in the islands, amongst the weeds.

The city is trying to make things safer, and possibly nicer and greener…but similar to the Rocky Balboa Tree failures (Read: ginkgo biloba) the cities constant attempts to better the city keeps running into issues that they like to ignore.

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