Because, aviously…

Once again thanks to EA Access I’ve been playing Star Wars Battlefront for a few days now, and have discovered its ups and downs.

One of the first negatives I noticed, is probably my own fault for not realizing sooner, is that the game is not a Storyline, but as the title suggests, just lots of boards of “Battlefront”s meaning plenty of “first to 100 kills wins” matches.

These range from everything as Allies vs. Empire to hero battles, where you can take on the roles of Luke, Leah, Han, Darth Vader, Lord Palpatine or even Boba Fett and fight against rival troops.

But where the game really shines is the graphics and remakes of the lands we’ve all come to know and love, from AT-AT battles on Hoth to flying speedbikes through the forests of Endor this game really brings the Star Wars world to life.

And jump into the multiplayer mode (something I rarely talk about in my reviews) and you’ll be facing off in intense battles including:

  • Large battles of two teams — the standard for most shooter games
  • Flying battles – Escorting and taking down transporter ships in the (not-so-friendly) skies
  • Hero Battles – One player is the leader and everyone needs to kill him/her (who plays as one of the aforementioned Heroes), and the one who kill him/her takes on the role

But despite all of this, the game just doesn’t justify the $60 price tag…there is barely a player progression, there is nothing about the multiplayer that stands out from other games (in fact it’s subpar with bad powerups and a lousy radar), and it just isn’t thrilling like Star Wars should be.

For graphics this game would get an 8 or 9, but unfortunatly overall this game is a 4 out of 10.


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