Because, aviously…

We all get mail delivered to us at different times throughout the day. Mine used to come at reasonable hours, but has recently been coming after 6PM.

I guess that’s okay, since at least we are getting our mail…except that it comes a few days after it is supposed to. I know this thanks to magazines and the days I’m supposed to receive them.

Sports Illustrated used to come Wednesdays or Thursdays…and now comes Saturdays. Entertainment Weekly on Saturdays, now comes Monday or Tuesday.
On that note, I never even received some magazines from a couple of weeks ago…just plain never showed up.

I went to mail a letter the other day, and noticed the times inside the mailbox “picked up daily before 3PM”…Okay, I guess I know when my letter is supposed to go out. But I don’t think I’ve ever cared about when my letter goes out, as long as it arrives where it’s supposed to in a timely manner and in one piece.
The one thing that has to be especially timely every year (taxes) I take care of months in advance, and file on line, so I don’t even mail that any more!

For all the complaints that the USPS makes about funding and wanting more of it, you’d assume that after doing the same job since 1971 they’d have a better grasp on what they do.

USPS logo

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