Because, aviously…

As the year is coming to an end I have already been hard at work on my annual Top Songs Of The Year list.

This year I am running a promo and the winner gets a $10 gift card, with potential for up to $50 winners as well!

All you have to do is simple:

Complete the form below and submit a list of my Top 10 songs of the year. The person who guesses the most correct wins $10.

If someone guesses all 10 songs correctly (in any order) they will win $25!

And if you guess all 10 in the proper order, you can win $50!

UPDATE: If we get 10+ entrants (or 25+ entries) the Top 2 entries win!!

Here is a hint: Think how I think. Consider what music I like and used last year as a hint for what the results could look like this year.
Also remember that to make the list, the song had to come out in 2015.

Disclosures: Multiple entries are allowed (up to 10, any remaining ones will be disqualified) and  in the event of a tie, monies will be split amongst the winners. Contest ends when Top Songs of 2015 post goes live!

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