Because, aviously…

Adam Sandler dropped a new movie over the weekend, exclusively for Netflix, and it is easily the most ridiculous way to spend two hours.

As is typical with Adam Sandler movies, it is loaded with bad humor, and cheap laughs, and while you may get one or two out of it, it generally isn’t worth anyone’s times.

The story follows six brothers, all from different mothers, as they go on a quest to raise $50K to save their father from bandits.
Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider and Luke Wilson aren’t enough to keep this movie from going downhill fast.

I’d also like to point out that earlier this year a dozen Native Americans walked off the set because even they found it all to be a bit offensive.

This movie somehow will still get a 3 out of 10.

the ridiculous 6

PS. Sometimes I wonder if my reviews are off, and if I misjudge movies/shows/albums…safe to say I’m not wrong this time. Here are a couple of examples: IGN and IndieWire.

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