Because, aviously…

Sandy Wexler is the most unique guy you’d ever met, who was a tiny shot that no one could forget.

In the mid-1990s Sandy was a business manager for the stars, and in a story told by many modern days celebrities about how he was able to get deals and sign contracts….or just be a housesitter for an Iranian, living in a cabana next to the pool, and being a compulsive liar.

This movie is so “Adam Sandler”y that it’s over the top, but Jennifer Hudson is the nice balance and may be the talent that finally can put him on the map with her great singing skills?

Very different from some of the other Netflix Sandler movies (Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over) and is one of the best so far….but it’s much too long, and needs to cut out 30+ minutes for it to be watchable on a “binge-level” of Netflix.

Gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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