Because, aviously…

Superstore starts for real tonight on NBC, as Episode 4 airs at 8PM.
The first two episodes had a one-hour Special following the voice in November, and episode three debuted online shortly after.

Labeled as “Family Guy meets The Office” this show does a good job at tiptoeing through some jokes, taking some jokes way to far (to a point where they become funny again) and flat out making all of our work environments feel silly.

The story is about a Cloud 9 superstore whose newest employee Jonah (played by Ben Feldman (Mad Men) gets introduced to his coworkers and experiences the daily struggles of a “Walmart”esque store.
Mark McKinney (SNL) and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) star as Jonah’s manager and supervisor.

This show has a lot of good laughs, and has a ton of potential (hopefully more than Ben’s previous show A to Z had) and is overall a 7 out of 10.

superstore poster

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