Because, aviously…

I recently flew from Chicago’s Midway Airport on Southwest, and had a few untypical events from the flight crew.

Southwest in general has great flight crew, but maybe because of the 5:45AM (local time) flight, they were still waking up?
They were grumpy, didn’t seem happy to be there, and mostly were uncharacteristic of Southwest.

About 2/3rds of the way through the flight the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign dinged on/off a few times rapidly, and the flight attendant in the back went rushing to the front.
I picked my head up and noticed all the flight attendants and a few other people standing near the cockpit door.
In this post 9/11 age, my first thought was “Did someone just try rushing the cockpit?”.
But then I saw them looking on the floor in the entrance hallway, and the call then came over the system “If there is a Dr. or Nurse on board, can they please come to the front of the plane.”
Three people got up and headed to the front, two of which appeared to be medical students (based on age).
After a couple of minutes those two headed back to their seats, followed a few minutes later by the third guy and the patient himself, with a neck pad of some sort (too far away to see if it was a support piece or a wet compress).
The flight didn’t make any unscheduled stop, no emergency landing, and no emergency units came onto the plane when we reached our gate.

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