Because, aviously…

Friday afternoon I went to take out the trash, and noticed a guy bent over on my neighbors porch.

As I walked down my stairs, he straightened up, came down the stairs, and walked past me, holding a couple of bags in his right hand (the side further away from me).

My first thought was: “Did he just steal something off their porch?” (as I had heard a FedEx truck earlier in the day).

I ran upstairs and grabbed my coat, and chased after the guy to get a picture of him.
I couldn’t confront him because I had not yet checked the porch to see if he had indeed taken something.

After I got back home I looked and saw that there was an empty box, and when I checked surveillance footage, I saw that he was an opportunist who was walking down the block, saw the package, pulled out a blade, and swooped for the kill.

The ease that he did the act, the calmness that he left with the items and slipped them into his backpack, makes me think this isn’t his first (or last) time doing it.

Here is his picture. Keep an eye out for him, and if you see him, try and keep him in your sights to help keep the neighborhood safe!

Package Thief

4 thoughts on “Package Thief Exposed

  1. MM says:

    Someone stole my package on Ave. O and E13th. Might have been him

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      Any chance you filed a police report? If so, ask them to check footage from the time it happened, to see if he was in the area?

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