Because, aviously…

Do you want to make money to use the Google Play Store?

It’s really quite simple, just install Google Opinion Rewards.

This app will give you occasional surveys, based on where you’ve been, and habits you may have, and award you money (anywhere from a penny to $1+).

And while this sounds like pocket change…it really is just that: Pocket Change.

I use my change for simple things, like renting a movie in the Google Play Store, or more commonly: Game Add-Ons.

For example (which I actually don’t play anymore): Want those new lives in Candy Crush? How about some help in Words With Friends?
Don’t want to drop $$ on it?
Just use these earned coin!

And it doesn’t take much time to earn. These quizzes are generally 5 questions or less (most commonly three questions), and are all multiple choice.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 30-seconds on a quiz.

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