Because, aviously…

I’ve mentioned it before, but I love touring in the winter.

Sure it can be cold (see Washington DC 2013), and snow piled 4′ high everywhere (see Boston 2015), but the places are almost always empty (see Niagara 2015).

Throw on some layers, grab a few hand warmers, bring your camera (or phone) and some batteries/chargers (as it all drains faster in the cold) and you’re good to go.

Most pathways are cleared early-on in tourist-y areas, such as Boston, where snow covered every inch of land, except a paper thin path cleared on their famous brick Freedom Trail.

Even indoor locations, such as Smithsonians/Museums, are emptier as people aren’t traveling in to the towns.

And if you are traveling via any method besides car, as well as hotels in the area, are generally cheaper than when they are overbooked in the summer months.

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