Because, aviously…

Everyone has something to say on everything these days, which is okay. We live in an era of social media and opinions, and the rights for everyone to say what they’d like.

But if you are going to give advice to someone about something, you should probably have experience in that matter, and at least appear like you practice what you preach.

And yes, I have a couple of examples in mind, some that I’ve thought of for a few years, and some that have become more prevalent to me in recent weeks.

  1. The overweight people offering dietary advice. When this person who looks like they can stand to lose a lot of weight (and yes, I understand people have medical conditions, and I understand that it isn’t easy on people to lose weight) is shoving their advice and techniques down everyones throats like it’s a piece of chocolate cake, enough is enough.
    The only people you are going to convince to go with your plan and make them believe it will work are people whose elevators don’t go to the penthouse.
    But then again, Facebook is filled with MLM and Pyramids that people just get all giddy over…
  2. The late-30s single woman offering teenage girls dating advice. Oh yeah, all the girls instantly know who I am talking about, because they idolize these women.
    No offense to the women, I know that dating is hard and gets harder the older one gets, but when you are giving advice to impressionable teenagers on what to do and not to do with guys on dates and in life, I think you are unqualified. You have obviously had zero luck with these techniques and ideas, so why push them on other people?

</End Rant>

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