Because, aviously…

Thank you Ronda Rousey. Thank you for not killing yourself, and instead hung around to tell people about it.

Ronda opened up on the Ellen Show the other day about her loss to Holly Holm, and how in the first round she got hit in the mouth and lost depth perception. After her loss her first thoughts were of suicide, before realizing she had more to live for, such as a life and family with her boyfriend Travis Browne, another MMA fighter.

The problem isn’t that she lost. Or that she thought depressing thoughts of suicide after it.
The problem is America’s issues with sore losers.
Americans can’t deal with losing. Everyone who plays a sport these days gets a “consolation trophy”. People grow up not knowing how to lose, and when they see actual superstars fall, they don’t know how to handle it.

Ronda and Cam Newton are two recent examples of players at the top of their games, coming out of a tough loss, appearing as “sore losers” to the public. But I think that those knocking them down for their actions have just never experienced anything similar.
The “Haters” of the Ronda/Cam reactions are people who have never been in a place where they are high enough to fall down. Never faced depression and/or suicidal thoughts.

Nothing scares Americans more than something they haven’t experienced or can’t relate to.

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