Because, aviously…

The NASCAR season gets underway this Sunday with the Daytona 2016.

While last year was all about Jeff Gordon’s final run (which turned into a race for the Chase), this year was supposed to be about Tony Stewart’s final hurrah. That is until he injured himself a few weeks ago and will miss the opening of the season.
No word yet on if that will affect the final year, and if he’ll decide to stay longer to try and get in one last run at the Daytona 500 and the likes.
But here is the logo that was supposed to represent the year for the driver known as Smoke.Tony Stewart Final Year Crest

Another big storyline to focus on will be Kyle Busch. Kyle missed the beginning of last year with a broken leg, and came back with barely enough time to make the playoffs and walk away with the win in the Chase.
If I were putting money on it, I’d put him as a high favorite to repeat the Championship this year.Kyle Busch Championship Car

Other choices for me to win this year: Kevin Harvick.
He won in 2014, and he is one of the drivers of Stewart-Haas Racing, the team that I root for.
Others on the team are Kurt Busch, Danica Patrick, and the aforementioned Stewart.

The league has also increased safety on many of its courses, with lots of SAFER barriers added, especially at Daytona, the site of Busch’s crash last year.
Pictured below, SAFER stands for Steel And Foam Energy Reduction, which creates a “cushion” of sorts that absorbs the force of impact, lessening injuries when the car meets the wall.

SAFER Barrier in Milwaukee, picture from Wikipedia

SAFER Barrier in Milwaukee, picture from Wikipedia

NASCAR 2016 should be one great season!



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