Because, aviously…

By now we’ve likely all seen the Yankees recent fallout with StubHub (and if not, here’s a link).

The issue as I see it isn’t so much that people are upset that others in their section are paying so much less than them (which is infuriating if you know you paid $100 for your seat, and the guy next to you paid $6), it’s about the clientele in the seats.

The Yankees tried to make this point last week…but came across as saying “We don’t want poor people in the rich seats”…I think it’s more like this:
If you are a ‘suit’ who pays good money to sit in the ‘rich’ seats, you like to go to the game and hang out with your coworkers/buddies, in your dress shirt/pants, maybe have a beer or two, and take in the game. But then the guy behind you comes in on his $6 seats, and he’s in a t-shirt and shorts, and is drunk by the 3rd inning, and in the 6th is throwing peanut shells at you, while him and his buddies get rowdy.

People tend to treat the seats with the respect they pay for them. If you paid $100 for something, you are going to treat it better than someone who paid $6.
It’s part of why people dress up to go to the theater and orchestra, because it is a performance, and you are paying for a high class experience.

On the flip side, the Yankees pockets play into it as well.
Sure they’ve already made the money on the tickets, so why should they care how much you sell it for on StubHub?
But what they forget to mention is that now that you need to sell it on TicketExchange they make money again.
If you think the team doesn’t get a cut of the fees on resales from TicketMaster, after all that the two do for each other…you’d likely be mistaken.

3 thoughts on “Yankee Stadium Ticket Troubles and Why I Think They Exist

  1. Its all money. Greedy %$#@

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      As a season ticket holder of other teams that occupy Yankee Stadium, I agree with you 🙂

      1. I think they’re going to have a lot more empty seats as a result. Not that they won’t sell the same amount of tickets, but people who can’t make it won’t be able to sell them to others.

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