Because, aviously…

The NYPD has strict district lines. If something happens on a specific block, there is a precinct that is supposed to handle it.

While this is well and good, and helps make sure there are enough cops to cover the city, the lines it creates are absolutely ridiculous.
Here is a map of a recent example/incident.

NYPD Precinct Triangle

This is the corner of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue P. As you can see, the four corners of the intersection is divided into three different precincts.

The red circle is the location of a car that parks daily on the sidewalk, with the plates removed, and the VIN covered. But when an officer on the SouthWest corner was asked about the car, the response was “I can’t give it a ticket, because it’s not in my precinct.”

Let’s be clear. We aren’t discussing two different cities or towns. We are talking about New York City and the New York Police Department.
These officers, when on duty, should be allowed to give tickets to whomever they see committing a crime, within the five-boroughs.

Time to blur those precinct lines. If an officer can respond to a crime or sees something happening outside their lines, they should have full authority to.

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