Because, aviously…

I’ve had the Moto X for many years now, evolving from Gen 1–>Gen 2–>Pure.

In 2014 I discussed how Verizon wouldn’t allow “Advanced Calling” on the Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen, and now on the Pure (as a recap, this basically means that one can’t do both talk and data at the same time).

I had stopped using Waze earlier that year, after a glitch left all the talking instructions garbled, but recently I figured I’d give it another try.

When I use Google Maps on my Moto X Pure, I need to load the driving instructions before making a phone call, and I need to end calls while I’m driving to have the maps update with the latest traffic overlays.
But the map still keeps track of where I am going, even when the data is disconnected.

On Waze, when I make a phone call, the map just freezes up. With no connection to primary data (even though the phone is still receiving GPS coordinates) the maps just plain stop working.
They don’t move where the car is going. They don’t continue to tell you where to turn. It’s just a plain old frozen map that won’t get you anywhere fast.

Now I understand that Waze needs Data. And I’m sure that Waze works really nicely for many people. But I’m gonna stick to Google Maps.

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