Because, aviously…

Once again I am pushing The Webbys on everyone. And the reasoning is simple.

We’ve all created things online, be it a simple social media profile, a website like this, or some crazy video that we hoped would go viral.

But at the end of the day most people just want recognition. And The Webbys is a great way to get it. So if you give some, you might get some.

The Webbys are an annual international award “honoring excellence on the Internet”. From each category, of which there are over 100, two winners emerge from each. One selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and the other is awarded by you and me.
You can vote now on their website, and relive some of the great achievements from this year or even discover fads and virals that you may have missed the first time around.
Voting can be found HERE.

I personally like rooting for the underdogs (Players Tribune > ESPN) or the more interesting ones.

Votes will be accepted for the next few weeks (next 16 days from when this was written)…there are currently over 180K votes, and that number is expected to grow dramatically over the next few weeks!

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