Because, aviously…

There are times when all Americans come together as one, and root for #TeamUSA. And that time is now 100 days away, as the Rio Olympics draws nearer.

  • Berlin, 1936 – Jesse Owens destroys the Nazis
  • Mexico City, 1968 – Black Power
  • Muncih, 1972 – 7 Gold Medals for Mark Spitz
  • Lake Placid, 1980 – Miracle on Ice
  • Barcelona, 1992 – Dream Team
  • Athens, 2004 – Abby Wombach beats Brazil in OT
  • Beijing, 2008 – 8 Gold Medals for Michael Phelps
  • Sochi, 2014 – TJ Oshie dazzles in a Shootout

These were all just some examples of times when Americans came together to root for their stars to just kick the worlds backsides.

Olympic records shall be broken (in swimming at the least, and you can quote me on that), and Americans will all make sure to have “#TeamUSA” trending worldwide on Twitter.

Rio 2016

Team USA Olympics

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