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Begin Again is a 2013 movie about Dan, a struggling music-label-head played by Mark Ruffalo, who is having trouble connecting with his daughter (Violet, played by Hailee Steinfeld), struggles with alcohol issues, and just can’t seem to find the new artist to help resuscitate his career.

After a night of binge drinking, he stumbles into a bar where Gretta (Keira Knightley) is forced by her friend (James Corden) to take the stage and play her song, to try to help her get over her breakup (from Adam Levine’s Dave).

With no label to back Dan, and Gretta ready to fly back to her home country of the United Kingdom, they take to the streets of New York, to put together the sounds of the city mixed with Gretta’s sound.

Keira Knightley is surprisingly cute (and the opposite of her equally awesome but darker role in POTC), Mark Ruffalo is un-Hulk-like in the family role, and ever since I discovered Hailee Steinfeld’s acting career (including Pitch Perfect 2)(which I found out after hearing her music that that was her in PP2…even though it clearly came before) I can’t get enough of her.

This under-the-radar rainy-day feel-good music-based movie is a great 7.5 out of 10.

Begin Again Poster

One thought on “Begin Again #Review

  1. Jay says:

    great movie

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