Because, aviously…

This post marks my two years of writing this blog. Two years since I bought my iPad Air and couldn’t believe how bad Apple Genuises’ were.

Continuing last years blogiversary themes, I am thankful to have 500+ posts, 250+ Likes, and almost 100 Followers. I still can’t believe those numbers were ever reached on a blog I write, and I am looking forward to my third year of posts.

This past year I also took the blog to the next level, removing ads and turning it into an actual website domain.

Among things I am looking to do in the next year:

  • Change the blog name: #AvisTravels has done really well for me. But it can be confusing, because for most of the time I don’t talk ‘travels’ and people don’t like reading the subheadline of “Traveling the World, My Mind, and My Life”
  • Add a writer or two: I want to add contributor writers who write regularly on topics of their interest. Particularly things that I don’t have opinions on, but also counter posts to what I’ve said.

How do I plan on doing both of those? Who knows.
But if you or someone you know wants a place to write, you know where to reach me! The same applies if you can think of an avious blog title that I’m missing out on.

2 Year Milestone

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