Because, aviously…

I recently purchased the Microsoft/Nokia Lumia 640, for the sole purpose of trying out Windows Mobile.

The phone layout looks similar to your “Start” menu on Windows 8, with lots of live tiles constantly updating with information. These can range from weather to Tweets, YouTube videos to emails.

While Windows computers generally run smoothly, the phone operating system is a little clunky. Load times on apps can be a little slow (especially compared to its Android or iOS counterparts), and things don’t update in the background as they are supposed to.
A good example is the “Podcast” app, which I use frequently. It is supposed to update in the background, but sometimes you’ll go in and the Podcast hasn’t refreshed in a few days. When you hit the “refresh” button, the app will promptly crash and need to be reopened.
I use this app as an example, because it is a simple app, with no heavy graphics or mass data downloads, that simply can’t keep up with mundane tasks.
Once the apps are open though, they run smoothly.

On the flip side is the look and feel of the phone. It looks classy, it feels good in your hand, and it isn’t weighty.
The power button sits in the middle on the side of the phone, right where your thumb would sit. So once you learn not to hit it by mistake, it makes it much easier to turn it on with one hand, without juggling the phone.

Microsoft Lumia 640

One other feature I like of it, that my phone strangely doesn’t offer, is the FM radio. Having it gives the ability to listen to music/news/sports without using any data.
But when FM radio is the highlight of a phone, you know there isn’t many standout features…
This may be hurt by the relatively small app store.

Overall it is a decent phone, but not something that will become my primary device any time soon.
For now I am sticking with my Moto X (3rd Gen.)….which followed my Moto X (2nd Gen.) and my Moto X…Did I mention that Motorola is supposed to hold announcements today in which they unveil their new line of phones?

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