Because, aviously…

This Saturday marks the third birthday/anniversary of Mirage, my beautiful mountain air metallic Honda CR-V.

Honda CRV April 20162013 Honda CR-V

She still works as well as she did on Day 1, and you can read my one year and two year reviews. But now let’s update those and see how she’s holding up the test of time.

She had one incident in the last year, but you wouldn’t have any indication of that if you checked her out, thanks to a perfect rebuild.

Recently I’ve heard people complaining about the rims getting rusted on their 2013 CR-Vs. And interestingly enough, I’ve noticed it on my neighbors car as well (same year, not certain same model). And that might be the key words “Same model”.
I have the EX, which comes with Alloy, and it’s entirely possible that everyone who is having rusted issues are using the LX (lower edition) model which has Steel rims.
The other theory I have, is that I keep my car cleaner. I take her for regular washes which helps clean off dirts that are harmful to a car, such as the salt used to treat the roads.

Spaciousness is something I preached the first year, and it still holds true. Transporting things from IKEA is a simple task, once the seats are dropped, and even without putting them down it is a huge space.

After three years, and thanks to a little help from Automatic, I now know that for the past year I have averaged 24MPG on every day driving, without any ECON Mode (that I haven’t touched since that first year). On a longer trip the car got 31MPG (over 700 miles).

I definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a smaller sized SUV.

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