Because, aviously…

This past Sunday, during Memorial Day Weekend, I headed to Cadman Plaza Park and the Brooklyn War Memorial for a ceremony.

The Brooklyn War Memorial is dedicated to the 300,000+ men and women from Brooklyn who served in WWII. Inside the structure exists a large room with the names of 11,500+ soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

Unfortunately it has been closed for 25+ years due to lack of funding. In recent years the city and state has started sending some money in this direction, but help is needed from the public, and everyone can donate HERE.

Brooklyn War Memorial

The ceremony on Sunday honored 20+ living WWII veterans and featured a lot of interesting events.

It started with a biplane flyover:Brooklyn War Memorial Bi-Plane Flyover

And in the middle included an impressive performance from the Air Force Drill Team:

Brooklyn War Memorial Air Force Drill Team

This is an event that I would love to add into my yearly calendar, and hope that many of you do the same!

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