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Ringling Brothers Closing The Tent

1994 was the first time I went to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, where they unveiled the elephant siblings (Romeo and Juliet) to the world.



And through the years I’ve gone many times, and with their last shows approaching, ending right here in the New York area, I’ve bought tickets to see them one last time before they bring the Big Top down after a 146-year run.

Funundrums and Legends, Bello and more, I’ve always enjoyed the show they’ve put on. Weaving a story and excitement into the typical circus acts, from high-wire flips to motorcycles in a ball, lion tamers and elephants to horses and the human cannon.

While many have been upset over the years with the treatment of animals, there is something to the circus experience that kids playing on their phones just won’t get any more as more and more circus’ close (Big Apple filed for bankruptcy last year).

Regardless your opinions on it, it’s hard to argue with the fact that they certainly were The Greatest Show on Earth, and I hope they make my last show out of this world!

Ringling Bros Romeo and Juliet 1994 Barnums Funundrum 2010 Ringling Bros Legends 2015 Ringling Bros Out of this World 2017

Oh, What A Night – President Trump


What more can be said?

Monday night just about everyone had Hillary Clinton winning the election.

And I’ll be honest, even when I voted for Donald Trump yesterday I didn’t think he had a chance of winning the country (and yes, my vote for him was worth nothing).

Nate Silver and most other statisticians didn’t think it was feasible. Except for Helmut Norpoth, who has now correctly picked the last 6 Presidential Elections.

Whether you were “With Her”, “Against Trump”, “For Trump” or some other mixture, this is what this country has voted for and this is what we are going to be for the next four years.

Just like the Brits exited a few months ago, it is time on January 20th for America to turn over a new leaf and bring around a different country.

President Donald Trump

Election Day 2016 – And Who I’m Voting For

The big day is finally here, and it’s time for America to vote for their new President, and today I am going to be voting for Donald J. Trump.

As with a lot of recent elections, it isn’t about who is the better candidate, but rather who isn’t the worse candidate.

And while politics is always a touchy subject with people, the reasons I am voting for him over his main opponent, Hillary Clinton, are simple: He has a lot of views similar to me.
This doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says. But I definitely have a lot less in common with his opponents.

Some of the reasons I choose to vote this way, are agreeance on many subjects including parts of the following:

  • Domestic Policies (such as the Patriot Act, no-fly-list/gun restrictions, and Super PACs)

    I support legislation which allows the NSA to hold the bulk metadata. For oversight, I propose that a court, which is available any time on any day, is created to issue individual rulings on when this metadata can be accessed.

  • Foreign Policy (the closing of Gitmo, the opening of Cuba, NSA surveillance and being the worlds Army)

    We’re defending everybody. We’re defending the world.” He added, “we can’t continue to defend everybody, and lose on every single thing we do. We have to rebuild our country. Our country is a mess. Our infrastructure’s crumbling. We owe $19 trillion.”

  • Elections (Voter ID Laws)

    You have people, in my opinion, that are voting many, many times. They don’t want security, they don’t want cards.

  • The Economy
  • Social Issues
  • Healthcare (Medicaid)
  • Immigration (such as subsidies for illegals in healthcare and public schooling)

Vote 2016

[Image via wvnh]

And like I ended off saying on my last voting post:

But, regardless who you vote for, you should go out and vote…it’s your right as an American and you should take advantage of it.

And in my opinion, you have no voice to complain about who wins if you didn’t at least vote for someone.

Doing It For America

Watching the Olympics is a classic example of people making America proud. From Katie Ledecky breaking her old world record in the 800M and winning by 11 seconds to Michael Phelps’ Olympic record of Gold Medals.

I focus on swimming specifically, because it was Maya Dirado that led me to this post.

In her first, and last, Olympic games she went against a tough competitor in Hungarian Katinka Hosszu (who has broken records and had 3 Golds this Olympics) and beat her by .06 in the 200m backstroke.

When she turned around and saw that she had won, the joy in her face was incredible. But more moving was her reaction, and the tears of joy in her eyes, as she received her medal and watched our Nation’s flag raised and Anthem played.

Maya Dirado wins gold

Maya Dirado wins gold 2

Very few things come close to being as patriotic than representing your country on a world stage and winning a Gold Medal, and having that anthem played.
As Team USA passes the 1,000th Gold Medal mark, we are spoiled, because think of all those countries that rarely win (or have never won)(for example, Puerto Rico getting their first ever Gold at these games; Fiji and Kosovo winning their first ever medals (both Golds) in the Rio 2016 games as well)).

I have no hopes of being an Olympian, but it would be amazing to one day make our country proud.

Independence Day 2016 #ProudAmerican

!!!Happy Birthday America!!!

Image from:

I am a #ProudAmerican.

This country grants us freedoms that few others can give. The freedom to live my life how I see fit, and to allow my voice to be heard.

If I was writing this in China, it’d be subject to censorship and if I was openly religious in Saudi Arabia I’d face a lot of legal trouble.

So Happy 240th Birthday America, and let’s hope to make the next 240 even better!

Cadman Plaza Park WWII Ceremony

This past Sunday, during Memorial Day Weekend, I headed to Cadman Plaza Park and the Brooklyn War Memorial for a ceremony.

The Brooklyn War Memorial is dedicated to the 300,000+ men and women from Brooklyn who served in WWII. Inside the structure exists a large room with the names of 11,500+ soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

Unfortunately it has been closed for 25+ years due to lack of funding. In recent years the city and state has started sending some money in this direction, but help is needed from the public, and everyone can donate HERE.

Brooklyn War Memorial

The ceremony on Sunday honored 20+ living WWII veterans and featured a lot of interesting events.

It started with a biplane flyover:Brooklyn War Memorial Bi-Plane Flyover

And in the middle included an impressive performance from the Air Force Drill Team:

Brooklyn War Memorial Air Force Drill Team

This is an event that I would love to add into my yearly calendar, and hope that many of you do the same!

PC Nation Has Gone Too Far

I’ve had enough of everyone being upset about every little thing that doesn’t pertain to them. If someone thing legitimately affects you, go ahead, be upset. But sometimes you just need to let go a little.

Two cases from the last week that me me think this:

Lynch. Do you know what that word means? I’ll go to Google on this one:

LYNCH – (of a mob) kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial.

I’m sure that’s what Lebanon Valley College were thinking of when they names Lynch Memorial Hall. They were thinking back to America’s dark times, and trying to figure out how to upset the most people.

Or maybe they were just naming it after the former President of the college Clyde A. Lynch. And maybe people shouldn’t be getting their knickers in a twist over this building name 50+ years later.

Full story can  be read here at NBC News.

Second Case:

The biggest movie in America this week has to be Star Wars. It’s probably going to be the largest open of 2015. Of the 2000s. Of all time. Worldwide.

So it would only be assumed that kids are going to wear Star Wars t-shirts and the likes.

Yet when a student in Texas wore a Stormtrooper shirt, who was holding a rebel blaster, it’s completely normal to make the kid zip up his jacket and hide the image.
It’d be horrible if this sci-fi abomination would be allowed on our society.

I’m not talking about him carrying around a lightsaber, and you’d argue it could be used as a weapon.
He wasn’t wearing a Vader mask and hiding his face and looking suspicious.
He was wearing a Stormtrooper shirt. Stormtroopers. Which have been around since the 1970s with no issues. Suddenly that shirt is offensive.

Full story can be read here at Fox News.

Time to grow up America.

I don’t see millions of people avoiding the theaters this weekend to avoid the movie with guns.

And I definitely don’t see our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, changing her racially overtoned last name.