Because, aviously…

Hooligans reign supreme in the soccer world.
Just the other day Russian hooligans, attending EURO 2016 in France, beat up some England fans.
The result? Fans being deported back to Russia. People jailed up to two years,  others banned from France for two years.

And somehow, people think this is what soccer needs in America to make it attractive?

Americans love their violence, as evidenced by the NFL, UFC, and MMA.

But what Americans love even more is competition. Give them good competition and they’ll eat it up.

It’s why 1980 Lake Placid was popular. It’s why the 1999 USMNT was a big deal. It was America coming out on top in a worldwide competition.
It’s why Lebron vs. Curry, Crosby vs. Ovechkin, Kershaw vs. Syndergaard, Manning vs. Brady are all insanely popular. Competition at its highest points.

But here in New York, groups like the Empire State Ultras and the B49s rear their ugly heads (example from this week).
They don’t speak for all supporters. In fact they are a small minority of us. But their actions stand out and make everyone look bad.
Fighting at every big event. Bottles cracked, punches thrown, blood flowing.
For what reason? Because they don’t support your team?

Grow up and stop giving the rest of us a bad name.

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