Because, aviously…

Some songs that I’ve been listening to:

Lost Boy – Ruth B

There was a time when I was alone
Nowhere to go and no place to call home
My only friend was the man in the moon
And even sometimes he would go away, too

Freeze You Out – Sia

I’m not running away
I will feel the pain and stay
I’m not running again
Even though I’m scared, baby
And I won’t freeze you out
Like I have been
I won’t freeze you out
I’m gonna let you in

Burning House – Cam

See you at a party and you look the same
I could take you back but people don’t ever change
Wish that we could go back in time
I’d be the one you thought you’d find

Just Like Fire – P!nk

Just like fire, burning up the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way

So Alive – Goo Goo Dolls

I am no man of steel
I have no heart of stone
Don’t tell me how it feels
I’ll find it on my own

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