Because, aviously…

For years I have avoided the Facebook app, having heard nothing positive about it.

Until now if I wanted to access Facebook I would just go to my Chrome app and go to the website. Similarly for Facebook Messages.
Recently they started forcing all mobile users to get the Messenger app, so I caved and got Messenger.

Last week I downloaded the actual Facebook app in the hopes that it would make accessing the site easier.

Within a few days my phone was sluggish, and everything was starting to crash at random times, including my WiFi connecting and reconnecting on its own…now this may just seem coincidental, until I tried to fix the problem.

I uninstalled the Facebook app, as it was the only change to my phone in the time when it started acting up…and it took 10+ to uninstall.
On Android that’s an incredibly long time for an App to install/uninstall.
So I figured it must have left some garbage behind, causing it to take so long. In an effort to fix it, I reinstalled it. The reinstall took 10+ minutes as well.
At that point I cleared the cache, deleted any associated files, and went through another 10-minute uninstall.

In the days since I uninstalled, the speeds on my phone have more than doubled, my apps have stopped crashing, and my WiFi remains connected within range.

It’s not a mistake. The Facebook app has been broken for years, and continues to make all devices into sub-par devices.

Facebook App logo

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