Because, aviously…

This past Sunday was the fifth edition of the Hudson River Derby between New York City FC against the Red Bulls, with the Red Bulls having won the first four matches, the most recent of which by a score of 7-0.

July 4th Weekend was the setting, and American Flag Maps was the order of the day for the pregame ceremonies.

NYCFC vs RB - 7-3-2016 --- American Map Flag

Payback came swift and steady as NYCFC pulled out to an early 1-0 lead, courtesy of a great goal from rookie phenom Jack Harrison. 

In the second half, after a burst of speed from Harrison and a great cross, Captain David Villa put the nail in the coffin of a 2-0 win. The crowd in the stadium gets much louder for his goal announcement. 

With the win on Sunday, it placed NYCFC on top of the Eastern standings, which the team was quick to point out.NYCFC vs RB - 7-3-2016 --- How Sweet First Is

After the match the fans took to the streets cheering the teams victory. 

The 12Noon announced start time was great. It meant that the roads were empty driving to the game, and traffic was still light when it let out close to 3PM.
Beer sales couldn’t legally start until 12, which kept pregame roudiness to a minimum, and it left the whole day wide open after the game.

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