Because, aviously…

Last year I discussed how Motorola, and their cheaper phones were the way of the future, due to no more “Two year contract free phones”.

I can go ahead and write about how their phones are still cheaper and better than any other phone out there, but those comparisons are unnecessary, because people don’t like to listen to proven logic.
Just looking at the new Moto G4 and Moto G4+ gives me hope for the future of cheap phones.

But on the note of the future, let’s take an early look at the Moto Z, and it’s exciting Mods, which will be coming out on Verizon this summer, and unlocked by the Fall.

The Moto Z is the first of the new lines of phones to use Mods to help enhance your phone.
These mods simply attach to the back of your phone, using pin connectors and magnets to hold it in place.
The Moto Z itself has a 40-hour battery life, and a 21MP camera. And then you add on the connectors.

For starters there are four types of Mods, that will obviously expand as time goes on.

  • Speaker – JBL boombox style speaker, with a 10 hours of battery life
  • Projector – Up to a 70″ projection
  • Power Pack – 22 more hours of battery life, and some editions will have wireless charging in them
  • Shells – Wood and leather backs for your phone, that can easily be swapped in and out.

Moto Z and Mods

Prices on all of these are still unknown, but knowing Motorola like I do, I have to assume they will all be reasonably priced, and a great look into what the future holds.

Speaking of which: We should talk about Ara at some point.

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