Because, aviously…

It’s expensive to go to a game, especially in New York.

You overpay for the tickets. You either stay cheap and cram yourself into a subway car or overpay for parking. You overpay for food. You overpay for drinks.

And then you have Atlanta, with the Falcons and soon to be United FC.

They dropped their in stadium prices to dirt cheap levels. They know that you’ve already laid out tens (if not hundreds) of dollars on tickets, so they are doing the fans a favor and just charging them for cost.

Here is their full menu:

From @ ESPN

From @ ESPN

The things that pop out at me? Water bottles for $2 and an unlimited refillable cup of soda for $2 ($4 for souvenir cups).

So grab that $2 popcorn, $2 hot dog, and your $5 beer and enjoy the game without breaking the bank!

Can you imagine if this comes to New York?

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