Because, aviously…

I rewatched the now 10-year-old movie Inside Man this weekend, and it holds up to the time test.

Inside Man was directed by Spike Lee and starred Clive Owen and Denzel Washington.

NYPD negotiator Keith Frazier (Washington) is called in for a bank robbery/hostage situation which is being masterminded by Dalton Russell (Owen). Everything has been meticulously thought out, and the ominous threat of hostage killings and the fact that Russell says he will just stroll out the door when it’s all over.
The movie also stars Jodie Foster (as a power broker) and Christopher Plummer (the bank owner).

Funny enough, the music from this movie is so unlike most movies (and when you listen to it makes you expect a Middle Eastern movie), and I instantly associate it with this film.
Chaiyya Chaiyya

If you somehow have shunned this movie until now, it’s gotta be the next one you watch.
A mix of laughs and criminal genius, this movie is a 9 out of 10.

Inside Man Poster

One thought on “Inside Man #Review

  1. I just saw Inside Man for the first time like a month ago. I totally agree with your assessment — really enjoyed it.

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