Because, aviously…

When you buy a phone through your plans these days, you rarely get a deal anymore. They spread your costs out over 24 months, and in the end you end up with a carrier specific phone until you convince them to unlock it for you.

So why not just buy that unlocked phone to begin with? For starters the phone can be taken to any carrier whenever you want, while not tying you to a specific carrier for 24-months.

Did you know that 87% of smartphone owners will get a new one within the next two years, and 47% of owners will switch carriers.
But 68% of people claim to know what an unlocked phone is…and most of those are wrong in what they know, leading them to shy away from unlocked phones, or think it isn’t for them.

  • 23% think an unlocked phone means it doesn’t need a password to open — FALSE
  • 20% think unlocked phones are more expensive than carrier phones — FALSE
  • 11% think that unlocked phones need to be hacked (or jailbroken) after purchase — FALSE

All those facts, are FALSE.

What’s the Truth?

  • 27% don’t know that unlocked phones can be used on any carrier
  • 76% don’t know that you don’t need a 2-year contract for an unlocked phone
  • 89% don’t know that an unlocked phone can be used overseas

Go buy an unlocked phone the next time you get a new one. And if you don’t know where to start, or don’t want to spend $700+ on a phone, try the brand new Moto G4 line.

<Data in this blog post gotten from Motorola blogs>

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